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Pregnancy Massage Seattle

This blog is particularly put together for you by Blue Lotus Spa if you are based in Seattle. There is no doubt that there are many great massage places for pregnancy in Seattle which are offering their services of maternity massage. However, you can’t just simply select any massage center based on its presence and convenience.  If you want to have the best massage in Seattle, Washington you have to make sure that you select the right Massage Parlor.

In this blog, we will try to cover all the reasons why you should need a prenatal and postpartum massage, of course, from a good spa. Typing a maternity spa near me and selecting the first one is not enough to enjoy all the benefits of a massage. So, without any further delay, let‘s just get straight into it.

Pregnancy Massage

A Pregnancy Massage Seattle usually referred to as a prenatal massage, is a hands-on therapy given to a pregnant woman. Many massages are comparable to ordinary massages but focus more on the health of the mother and child. They usually take an hour and can be customized for each person based on the needs of the mother. To maximize comfort, massage therapists can also utilize a massage table while you typically lie on your side.

Postnatal massage

These days, postnatal massage is becoming more and more popular. Taking a few hours off for some self-care after giving birth might be the last thing on your mind, but a postpartum massage could be just what you need to begin your healing process.

Many new moms have feelings of abandonment after giving birth since everyone is focusing on taking care of the baby. In addition to nine months of aches and suffering from pregnancy, your body has just had a grueling event. Now that you have a small person in your life, you must attempt to return to normal.

Benefits of perinatal massage therapy

Prenatal Massage Seattle

Perinatal or prenatal massage has lots of benefits that you can enjoy during the difficult days of pregnancy. Some of the benefits are as follows.

Consider getting a massage if you’re searching for relief from aching muscles and swollen joints when pregnant. There are several benefits to including massage in your daily routine, whether it be a brief foot rub from your partner or a professional prenatal massage.

  • It not only helps you feel great and relax your muscles, but it also has several positive health effects.
  • Pregnancy-related edema of the hands, feet, and legs is frequently brought on by poor blood flow and increased strain on the main blood arteries. To make you feel more comfortable, massage can assist to activate the soft tissue, moving the extra fluid, and lessening the swelling.
  • Massage treatment during pregnancy helped depressed pregnant women feel better at the end of the 12 weeks and continued to do so in the postpartum period.
  • Prenatal massage labor is easier for you since it keeps your muscles relaxed and toned before the labor, in addition to lowering your general stress level. According to studies, when women had massages, their hospital stays where shorter labors were shorter, and their chances of developing postpartum depression were lower.
  • Additionally, it has been demonstrated that massage treatment is essential to infant care. According to clinical studies, moms who had massage treatment before having children experienced reduced cortisol levels, improved neonatal outcomes, and fewer instances of low birth weight and premature birth.

Benefits of after-pregnancy massage

It is important to have a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist even after the pregnancy to have all the benefits of the massage. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with post-natal massage are as follows.

  • According to this 2020 study trusted Source, massage can be a fantastic approach to enhance circulation and the hormones required to make this happen for mothers looking to increase their supply of breast milk.
  • Hormone levels regularly change in the postpartum body. Many massages include essential oils in addition to touch, which may improve mood and support hormonal balance.
  • The stress that contributes to these anxious and melancholy sensations after becoming a parent can be reduced with a massage.
    We all know that having a new baby will affect your sleep, but after giving birth, your hormones are frequently out of whack as well, which can make it challenging to calm down and sleep. According to a 2012 research, new moms who had massages reported much better sleep quality.
  • After labor, aching muscles are typical. A postpartum massage helps ease discomfort, especially in uncomfortable areas like the back, shoulders, and weary arms that are prone to injury. The shoulders are also made more open and breast tenderness is reduced with chest massage.


What week is best for prenatal massage?

You can have a prenatal massage once a month until 27 weeks and twice a month until 36 weeks. After that, you can have it weekly until you give birth.

When should massage be avoided during pregnancy?

It is recommended to avoid having a massage during the first three months of pregnancy. Massage at this point can trigger morning sickness and dizziness.

Is pregnancy massage safe at 38 weeks?

Yes, it is safe to have a pregnancy massage at or even after 38 weeks. However, if you have any medical conditions then we suggest you not take the massage.

Can prenatal massage hurt the baby?

Generally, prenatal massages are considering safe after the first trimester. However, you still have to consult your doctor before having one.

How to massage the pregnancy belly?

Start at the edges of your bump, slowly sliding your hands to the center and down toward your pubic bone; along each side of your groin, and back up to each side. Take a few deep, calm breaths.

Can I get a massage at 6 weeks pregnant?

As per the American Pregnancy association.You can get a massage at any point of your pregnancy. But a massage therapist won’t accept you until your second trimester.

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