Pregnancy Massage Tukwila

We Offer Full-Body Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

Blue lotus spa provides exceptional 50-60 minutes deep tissue and Swedish massage, Full Body Massage Seattle Wa, especially for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the body that cause muscles and ligaments to stretch; the growth of the baby inside the body also increases tension in the body as muscles move a lot during pregnancy. During pregnancy, shoulder muscles get tighten that results in swollen hands and feet and pain in the neck, shoulder, and arms.

When the baby grows inside your eventually its weight uprise and your hips and lower back that holds the spine also start to get hurt and in pain because the baby’s weight increases. But with the help of full-body prenatal pregnancy massage Tukwila can reduce all this pain with the help of a professional masseuse. Your muscles will be relaxed, deep tissue massage tukwila will help you reduce anxiety and depression, your sleep will be improved and you’ll feel lighter. This Pregnancy Massage Tukwila helps the body’s blood circulation more efficiently as it removes all blockages from the body.

Our Pregnancy Massage Tukwila includes prenatal foot reflexology

We offer reflexology Pregnancy Massage Tukwila in blue lotus spa. Reflexology is a concept based on the belief that the human’s body is mapped on hands, feet, ears as reflex points of the body, and with help of prenatal reflexology massage blockage from the body can be detected and removed as putting pressure on these points. This way body’s circulation and flow will be balanced and helps you reduce all your stress.

Pregnancy is a time where the body goes through a lot of changes; different muscles are disjointed and move to create space for the baby to grow inside the body. Hormones are changing continuously and blood level gets high. This change can be very stressful for women and as they’re dealing with so much pain and change their emotional state gets affected. These changes can’t be controlled but what can be controlled is your stress and physical pain. With the help of reflexology Pregnancy Massage Seattle pregnant woman can provide deep relaxation to their muscles and help them put energy in the right spots of the body that can help in a healthy flow for both the baby and mother. Besides, a woman’s feet, hands are mostly swollen and can cause huge pain and reflexology can help reduce that pain and make the process easy.

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Reduce your stress with our Postpartum Massage Service

Pregnancy is a difficult time for sure where the body goes through a lot of changes but even after the birth, your body takes time to go back to old or as you called non-pregnant state. You have to make your way back through exercise and patients. This process can be tiring and with all baby’s responsibilities, you’ll feel even more tired.

Blue lotus spa provides outstanding postpartum massage services for a woman after their birth. Our expert masseuse will give deep massage including deep tissue, Swedish massage Tukwila that can not only help your body relax, and gives you mental and physical pain relief but also reduce excessive chunks of skin produced during pregnancy.

Our Deep Tissue Massage will help you reduce your body tension

Deep massage is basically for reducing and breaking knots, pressure points from the body. As pregnancy takes you on a long trip of body change your body needs more muscle stability and them being on the right spot. With the help of deep tissue Pregnancy Massage Tukwila, you can relax your muscles from deep layers and can reduce tension from your body, anxiety, and depression, healthy body for baby as well as the mother. We provide exceptional Pregnancy Massage Tukwila services in our spa where the professional and expert masseuse will ensure a comfortable journey for you.

Nothing is more Relaxing for a Pregnant woman than a Massage

Pregnancy isn’t a smooth process where you can just sit back and expect a healthy baby, as your body brings challenging changes, your mind also suffers within this process. Mothers will be more stressed in ensuring the safety and health of the child and the pain that pregnancy causes are unbelievable. But in this painful and stressful process, relief can be achieved through pregnancy Massage Tukwila where you can relax your mind and body. At our spa, we have experienced masseuses that will ensure a comfortable environment for you that can provide you as much relaxation as possible and make your pregnancy easier.