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Deep Tissue Massage Tukwila WA

We offer Exceptional deep Tissue Massage Tukwila, WA

Blue lotus spa offers exceptional deep tissue massage Tukwila, WA for their clients. In our deep tissue massage, mild pressure and slow strokes are applied to muscles and tissues to reduce chronic pain and tension from muscles. These muscles are neck, upper and lower back, shoulders, legs muscles that are sore or have lower circulation because of blockage. Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but deeper and strong.

People who suffer consistent pain and soreness in muscles use deep tissue massage because it is more effective for muscles than any massage. This massage is for relaxing muscles and reducing pain like any other massage but it is considered more specific for muscles because it focuses on back pain, postural problems, muscle tension, and neck pain. Our masseuse uses different strokes and pressure using their fingertips, forearms, knuckles, and thumbs, and this process is known as stripping that are highly effective.

Our Deep Tissue Massage is effective for relief in chronic Muscle Pain

Chronic muscle pain is a severely painful condition that affects the human body’s muscles and a tissue called fascia. This tissue surrounds muscles and protects them from getting any harm. Our special Swedish Massage Tukwila, WA helps reduce and give relief in chronic muscle pain using friction. In friction, mild pressure is applied to muscles to release adhesions from muscles.

Adhesions cause tissues and organs of the body to stick together and attack muscles that result in extreme pain. With the help of deep tissue massage tissue fibers are realigned to reduce pain from muscles and relax them. Our masseuse is an expert in reducing chronic pain from neck, lower back pain, and upper back pain.

An excellent treatment for both mental and physical health

Our deep tissue massage Tukwila, WA, follows the benefits of both mental and physical health. It

  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces pain
  • Lowers blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Rehabilitates injured muscles
  • Reduces arthritis symptoms


Massage Therapist Seattle WaMassage Therapist Seattle Wa

Tissue Massage will help in Injury Rehabilitation

People that faced severe incidents in past and have huge injuries that result in the disability of using their muscles. For example being able to walk, use a hand, or any body part because they lost their strength during an accident. With the help of our expert Sports Massage Tukwila, WA injury will start to recover quickly.

Deep tissue massage can play an important part in injury rehabilitation because this massage uses mild pressure on muscles that regain blood circulation in the body and help muscles to relax. The body’s tissues and organs need more care oxygen and as deep tissue massage Tukwila, WA provides these benefits the process of injury rehabilitation becomes speedy. Our masseuse uses different and effective oils and positions to help client improves their muscle functionality and able to move them freely in no time.

Our Deep Tissue Massage is Effective in the relief of back and neck pain

People who work while continuously sitting or using their body ends up with constant back and neck pain. This pain can removed with a simple deep tissue massage Tukwila, WA at our spa. Our masseuse uses mild pressure using their forearms, fingertips, knuckles and helps muscles relax and release all stress from the body. The pressure is applied simultaneously on the upper back, lower back, and neck, different massage time options are available that clients can use. Deep tissue is very effective for releasing stress and anxiety.

Our Masseuse is an Expert in improving limited mobility through Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is considered as most beneficial for people with disabilities. We offer our Massage Parlor Tukwila WA for people dealing with limited mobility. These people might have got disabled through any accidents or injury. Our masseuse uses different techniques to provide clients relaxation both mentally and physically. As muscles use some relaxation pain is reduced and injuries get recovered speedily with healthy intake.

We ensure 100% Healthy and Safety standards:

Blue lotus spa also providing Prenatal Couples Massage Seattle Wa  services for years and succeeded in keeping intact our high standard by facilitating quality services to clients. We have always put our client’s health and safety a priority by providing them a clean, hygienic environment where they have guaranteed a healthy place to get their message in peace. We have highly expert and ethical staff that will ensure your safety and privacy by providing your secure service. As a world affected by the contagious virus we have taken all necessary precautions so you can enjoy your massage and relax.

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