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Communication is the key to every relationship. Whether it is between partners, employer and employee, or between you and your service provider. Long story short, if your communication is not good then you can’t expect to have the results that you want. You have to know that another person is not some psychic or mind reader. If you don’t tell them about your likes and dislikes you can’t have the results that you want from the other person. The same is the case with your masseuse.

If you are getting massage services from some respectable body spa or Massage Center you can’t assume that your Massage Therapist Seattle WA would know about all the things without you communicating about the things he or she needs to know. No matter what kind of massage you want whether it is Prenatal Couples Massage Seattle WA or any other massage service you need to be vocal about the needs and wishes you want. Here we are going to discuss nine main things that you should tell your massage therapist before having any kind of massage.

1.  Sensitivity or allergies

Do you have any kind of allergies? If so, what are the agents that can trigger your allergic reaction? Is it serious or mild? Is there something in the oil or lotion that can affect you? All these questions are the basic ones that your massage therapist has to know about you. So, no matter how professional or experienced your masseuse is you have to tell him/her about your health concerns in terms of energy first thing before taking any treatment. Especially if you are taking a full body masage you have to tell your massage therapist about your sensitivity towards any kind of allergies.

2.  Any post-surgical or post-injury pains

Our body is extremely unique naturally. When it suffers from any injury or any other major trauma like surgery, even after all the healing it still finds it difficult to function in its optimal condition. Whenever the weather shifts, we start experiencing unexpected pains and stiffness at the site of the incision or injury. Other times, some action could trigger them. So, whatever the reason is you have to talk about it to your massage therapist.

Usually, massage involves the whole body. You can’t avoid a certain area if you don’t know about the site, so talk about your issues with your masseuse before having any massage. Even though Swedish massage is one of the mildest massage types, still it can trigger pain. Thus, it is important that you communicate about this beforehand.

3.  Usage of body

Are you doing a sedentary job? Or do you have to run around because of your job? Telling about these things to your therapist will give you a better idea of your daily use of your body that will allow your Massage Therapist Seattle WA to assess your pain points and improve your massage experience.

4.  What you want from a massage

It is important that you talk about your demands regarding the massage. Let’s say you want to have a deep tissue massage but your masseuse is giving you a gentle Swedish massage then you would feel frustrated after the massage. So, communicate about what you need from your masseuse.

5.  Areas you don’t want to have massaged

Is there any area that you don’t want to have massaged? If so, you need to be vocal about that. Your masseuse can’t know about it without you telling her/him about that. So, make sure to communicate your demands.


6.  Have you had any painkillers before the massage

This is important because this will make you resistant to the pressure that your therapist would be using and you would be unable to tell if it is too deep. In that case, your massage therapist would be careful while massaging to avoid any injuries.

7.  Pregnancy

In case you are pregnant then any plain massage type is not right for you. You need to have a particular prenatal massage and that is again you can only get it after your first trimester to avoid any complications.

8.  Medication

This is important because some medicines can cause unwanted effects like dizziness or orthostatic hypotension that could get in the way of your massage. So, in case you have had any medicine you have to be honest with your masseuse.

9.  Music choice

Music plays a huge role in creating a soothing environment for you. So, what kind of music do you like? You have to tell your massage therapist about that. You don’t have to listen to instrumental music only. You can listen to any genre you want.


These nine things we discussed are the most important ones that you have to tell your Massage Therapist Seattle WA. In case there are any other things that you think are important to let your therapist know make sure to tell them beforehand to have the best massage experience.

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